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Senso Clot

Senso-Clot is based on magnetic field
sensing principle.



Senso-Clot is based on magnetic field
sensing principle. Dedicated design of
inclined Cuvette position and applied
gravit, holds the coded ball at centre
while testing. Whenever clot forms,
fibers of the clot pull the magnetic coded
ball and place it before the sensor and the
same time a pulse forms which send
information to the controller about clot
formation. Simultaneously controller
stops its timer and displays the results
after processing.

Technical Specifications
SDC- Clot is a semi automated coagulatio analyzer
where magnetically charged (Coded) stirrer ball based
mechanical system is used. Testing of samples
could be triggered either through auto pippette or
Measuring Block
The SDC-CLOT has a single channel measurement
unit with six positions of Sample ncubation and
two position of Reagent incubation. The entire
biock heating is controlled by microcontroller
which miaintain its temperature at 37 C +0.5C
Tests can perform
•Prothrombin times (PT)
Activated partial thromboplastin timnes (APTT)
Any clotting based assay, which has fibrin formation
as its endpoint may be performed

1.5 Kg
LCD Double Line with 16 Characters
Long Lasting Membrane Keypad
Power SupplY
Voltage AC220 Voit 15 Volt
requency 50HZ 3Hz
Working Conditlon
Tenperature: 155C
Humidity 90%


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