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Precise (Semi Auto)

End Point, Fixed Time, Kinetic, Multi-Point Standard.
Absorbance and Sample Blank



Technical Specification

Assay Type
End Point, Fixed Time, Kinetic, Multi-Point Standard.
Absorbance and Sample Blank
Wavelength Ranges
340nm. 405nm. 505nm, 548nm, 578nm and 630nm
With tWo free position for optional filters
Measurement Mode:
Monochromatic and Bichromatic
Fluidic Systemn.
32ul Ceramic Framel Quartz window
With 1.0 cm Light Path
Aspiration Vol. 200 u to 5000 ul
Aspiration Mode
Light Source
CPỦ Controlled Peristaltic Pump
6V/10W dedicated halogen Lamp with more than
300C Hours efficiency with Auto dormancy functiOn

Key Festures
User friendly operation with 7 wide TFT display
Ouartz CUVette for better transparency eSults
Rea tume Absorbance with delta for better interpretation
Durable & long lasting Resistive touch Panel
Facily to IitOduCe two more filters
Peltier based temperature controlling of reaction & measurement area
Advance and long lasting pump with latex tubing and better aspiration
Self diagncstic facility for any technical erors
Measuring Rango:
0.000 to 3000 Abs
CVe1%. Stablity 3.001 Abs/H
Real time Curve:
Real time curve plolting for observing progross of Ab% (or bette
Interpretation of the reaction of the chemistry.
Man Machine Interface:
Display : 7 Large TFT Display with Resistive touch panel
Printer:50 mm Thermal Printer
DATA Management:
USB Ports : 02 USB Ports for Date Back-up
Serial Port: 01 Serial Port for communication with Computers
DATA Storage:
Stored Program: 42 Test could be programmed at a time.
Quality Control:02 Level control could be run and stored forall
Tests to plot Levey-Jennings Control Chart
Temperature Control:
Cuvette Temp. : Thermo-electric cooler based controlling
Operaing Temp. :25, 30 37°C and RT
Flags of Errors :
Various flags of errors caused inhence interpretation of results
and its accuracy,


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